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USPA In Memoriam - June 2019 Announcements

Sad News

We regrettably inform our readers of the recent deaths of our senior Norwegian colleagues; Kaare Flaate (October 26, 2018) and Johan-Ludvig Sollid (March 29, 2019). Kaare was a Vice President of the International Permafrost Association (IPA) starting in 1983 and was a principal involved in the 1998 Fifth International Conference on Permafrost in Trondheim. His professional life was devoted to the effects of seasonal frost on roads and other structures and was the life-long supporter of the journal Frost i Jord (Frost Action in Soils). Professor Sollid, Physical Geographer, University of Oslo, specialized in glacial and periglacial geomorphology and more recently the thermal regime of mountain permafrost. He was a mentor to many students.

We also received news that our colleague from Kazakhstan, Aldar Gorbunov passed away December 19, 2018. Aldar pioneered research on mountain permafrost and rock glaciers in Central Asia and was the representative to the IPA.