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USPA Permafrost Engineering Education Program (PEEP)

PEEPThis new educational initiative complements our general educational programs, the USPA/University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) Education Program, and the USPA/ Permafrost Young Researchers Network (PYRN) Education Program. The USPA/UAF and USPA/PYRN Educational Programs were established in 2008, following the successful conclusion of the Ninth Internal Conference on Permafrost. PEEP was created in 2009, specifically to promote engineering education and outreach for permafrost engineering related issues.

PEEP will address the sustaining need for practical engineering solutions related to buildings, roads, and other public infrastructure in Alaska and Arctic Regions. It will continue the successful legacy started by the Permafrost Technology Foundation in its focus of providing permafrost engineering solutions and standards in the public domain.

PEEP was established at the USPA 2009 Annual meeting and already has received donations from interested supporters. The program will use a variety of educational approaches to help meet the ongoing needs of the engineering community and the public for standards, demonstrations, designs, and performance of structures built on permafrost soils and other related permafrost engineering. This may include support for engineering workshops, college and university student grants and engineering awards, and public education efforts. USPA already has developed a history of support and participation with engineering firms working on permafrost projects and associated university and public agency groups. Additionally, the close collaboration with the Cold Climate Housing Research Center over the last few years has resulted in a continuing partnership for permafrost education issues related to housing and foundations. We anticipate the partnership to continue in the future.

PEEP Past Travel Grant Winners

TICOP - Tenth International Conference on Permafrost
Salekhard, Russia
June 2012

Demi MixonDemi Mixon
Texas A & M

Presentation Title:
Characteristics of active-layer temperature profiles related to Arctic transportation management on the North Slope, Alaska



Kerri LathropKerri Lathrop
Tanana village school, Tanana, Alaska

Presentation Title:
Teaching science in rural Alaska




ptfThe USPA Permafrost Engineering Education Program (PEEP) was started with a grant from the Permafrost Technology Foundation (PTF). The USPA appreciates their major contribution to this project.