United States Permafrost Association

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US Permafrost Association
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Frozen Ground
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USPA Permafrost Engineering Education Program (PEEP) - PTF

The Permafrost Technology Foundation (PTF) is incorporated within the State of Alaska as a nonprofit corporation for the purpose of developing solutions to permafrost problems. Its goals are to develop practical, real-world solutions for permafrost foundation problems; test designs on buildings that suffer from permafrost distress; and to disseminate information about solutions to homeowners, builders, engineers, bankers, Realtors, and regulatory groups.

Permafrost Technology Foundation (PTF): Reports

Design Manual for Stabilizing Foundations on Permafrost
July 2001

' '

Design Manual for New Foundations on Permafrost
September 2000

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Operation and Maintenance Manual For The Foundation Stabilization Using A Heat Pump Cooling System At 728 Constitution Drive Fairbanks, Alaska