United States Permafrost Association

Dmitry Streletskiy
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John Zarling
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Thomas Douglas
Susan Wilson
Gerald Frost
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Cathy Wilson
John Thornley
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Fritz Nelson
Thomas Krzewinski
PYRN Representative:
Matthew Whitley

US Permafrost Association
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Fairbanks, AK
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Frozen Ground
Frozen Ground 2018

USPA-UAF Educational Fund (UPUAF)
The USPA-UAF Educational Fund (UPUAF) was established to promote cooperative efforts between the USPA and the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). The purpose of the UPUAF fund is to promote education on science and engineering issues related to permafrost. A focus of these activities is the promotion of students entering into fields related to permafrost.The committee provided input and recommendations reflecting the views of USPA and UAF members on the management and applications of the Educational Fund to the USPA BoD. The Chair of the UPUAF Committee was a senior representative of the UAF community. In addition, the UPAF committee consisted of a member of the USPA BoD, and two additional UAF representatives that were employed by UAF.

The UPUAF Fund supported the 2010 IARC Summer School entitled "Arctic in a changing climate: Connection to permafrost" (http://www.iarc.uaf.edu/education_outreach/summer/2010) and the attendance by early career UAF researchers at the American Geophysical Fall Union Meeting through travel stipends.