United States Permafrost Association

Cathy Wilson
President Elect
John Thornley
Past President
John Zarling
Susan Wilson
Peppi Croft
Board Members
Torsten Mayrberger
Jessica Ernakovich
Michelle Walvoord
Anna Wagner
PYRN Representative:
Helena Bergstedt
IPA Executive Committee
Frederick "Fritz" Nelson
IPA Representative
Kevin Schaefer
Ed Yarmak

US Permafrost Association
PO Box 750141
Fairbanks, AK

Frozen Ground
Frozen Ground 2019

International Conference on Permafrost (ICOP/EUCOP) Presentation Archive

ICOP Proceedings

EUCOP Proceedings

Proceedings of “Current problems of geocryology”, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, 15-16 May 2018

Vol. 1: Regional and historical geocryology, process geocryology, lithogenic geocryology, permafrost mapping
Vol. 2: Permafrost engineering, permafrost geophysics, physical, chemical and mechanic properties of frozen ground, gas and gas hydrates in permafrost, ecological and biological problems in permafrost regions