United States Permafrost Association

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President Elect
John Thornley
Past President
John Zarling
Susan Wilson
Peppi Croft
Board Members
Torsten Mayrberger
Jessica Ernakovich
Michelle Walvoord
Anna Wagner
PYRN Representative:
Helena Bergstedt
IPA Executive Committee
Frederick "Fritz" Nelson
IPA Representative
Kevin Schaefer
Ed Yarmak

US Permafrost Association
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Frozen Ground
Frozen Ground 2020

Permafrost Reports & Publications
Maintaining this Permafrost Reports and Publications page is one of the ways the USPA supports the dissemination of knowledge on permafrost-related topics with the rest of the scientific and engineering communities and the Public. For more current journal and conference publications see the Permafrost Monthly Alert (PMA). If you believe an important publication or report is missing, please .

Report & Publication Highlights

LOP Report: USPA 2020 Annual Report
Check this out to see what the USPA and it's member's have done in 2020!

LOP Book Publication: Frost Action in Soils: Fundamentals and Mitigation in a Changing Climate, by Sally A. Shoop.