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Welcome to the US Permafrost Association. Please feel free read about our association and permafrost information. We encourage participation in our activities, please consider joining our organization. Do you know how we serve the public? If not please review our mission section. We welcome support from individual members, corporations, and institutions.

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» Book Publication: Geocryology: Characteristics and Use of Frozen Ground and Permafrost Landforms

GeocryologyDescription: This book provides a general survey of Geocryology, which is the study of frozen ground called permafrost. Frozen ground is the product of cold climates as well as a variety of environmental factors. Its major characteristic is the accumulation of large quantities of ice which may exceed 90% by volume. Soil water changing to ice results in ground heaving, while thawing of this ice produces ground subsidence often accompanied by soil flowage. Permafrost is very susceptible to changes in weather and climate as well as to changes in the microenvironment. Cold weather produces contraction of the ground, resulting in cracking of the soil as well as breakup of concrete, rock, etc. Thus permafrost regions have unique landforms and processes not found in warmer lands.

The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 provides an introduction to the characteristics of permafrost. Four chapters deal with its definition and characteristics, the unique processes operating there, the factors affecting it, and its general distribution. Part 2 consists of seven chapters describing the characteristic landforms unique to these areas and the processes involved in their formation. Part 3 discusses the special problems encountered by engineers in construction projects including settlements, roads and railways, the oil and gas industry, mining, and the agricultural and forest industries.

» Book Publication: The Periglacial Environment, 4th Edition

The Periglacial EnvironmentDescription: The Periglacial Environment, Fourth Edition, is an authoritative overview of the world’s cold, non-glacial environments. First published in 1976 and subsequently revised in 1996 and 2007, the text has been the international standard for nearly 40 years.

The Fourth Edition continues to be a personal interpretation of the frost-induced conditions, geomorphic processes and landforms that characterize periglacial environments. Part One discusses the periglacial concept and describes the typical climates and ecosystems that are involved. Part Two describes the geocryology (permafrost science) associated with frozen ground. Part Three outlines the weathering and geomorphic processes associated with cold-climate conditions. Part Four provides insight into the periglacial environments of the Quaternary, especially the Late Pleistocene. Part Five describes some of the problems associated with human occupancy in regions that experience frozen ground and cold-climate conditions.

What's News?

» AGU 2018 USPA Awards

The USPA is pleased to call for applications for two awards to be given out to those attending the American Geophysical Union's Fall Meeting in December 2018. Two AGU Travel Grants ($500) and one Andrew Slater Memorial Award ($1000) will be given out. Descriptions of each award and the grant application are linked below. Applicants must be a member of both the United States Permafrost Association and Permafrost Young Researchers Network to be considered. Other eligibility guidelines are included in the document linked below.

AGU Travel Grant Call
Slater Memorial Award Call
Grant Application
Grant Eligibility Guidelines

To view previous USPA travel grant award winners, see http://uspermafrost.org/education/UPEF/

To renew your membership, please visit http://www.uspermafrost.org/membership.shtml

The application deadline is October 21st, 2018 at midnight Central Time. Award winners will be notified by early November 2018.

Questions? Email Dan Vecellio at djvecellio@tamu.edu

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